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Explore the mysteries of the ancients on land and sea with a luxurious cruise through the Greek islands. Photo courtesy of Crystal Cruises.

Cruise the Greek Islands and More

Land tours of Athens may be quite popular, but if you want to see the Greek islands without having to repack and unpack every day, a Mediterranean cruise is the best way to go.

Mediterranean cruises of the Greek islands range from 3-day excursions to upwards of 17 days or more. The longer cruises normally include much more than Greece, perhaps Italy and other European shore destinations, but you can see most of the more popular, more enticing Greek islands destinations on cruises as short as 7-10 days.

To help you decide which Greek islands you’d like to visit (and the best ways to get there), use our handy guide to the top Greek islands destinations, complete with cruise line suggestions.

Crystal Cruises Ancient Treasures Cruise

Catch several of the top Greek islands destinations on this 12-day cruise while also acquiring in-depth experiences with a variety of Italian hotspots and intriguing ports in Istanbul.

Greek islands destinations on this cruise include perhaps the most popular Greek island: Santorini. This location used to be an active volcano which exploded in ancient times, forming the island and preserving ruins of ancient villages (available for viewing during this cruise). The volcanic soil produces premium grapes with a unique flavor.

Mykonos, considered by many to be the second most popular Greek island, was previously a pirates’ mainstay but is now a luxurious island resort. Stunning beaches and waterfront shops and cafes make this an ideal day-trip location. Need ideas on how to spend your time here? Ask the Shore Excursions staff aboard your cruise.

The best known Dodecanese island, Rhodes offers visitors a visual wonderland full of natural beauty and a plethora of architectural styles. On your day trip to Rhodes, discover why the ancient Greeks dedicated this island to Apollo, the god of light.

Crystal Cruises Adventures of Tycho Cruise

This 12-day cruise tours Venice, Italy and Croatia, as well as several of the Greek islands, including Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes.

In addition to the big three, this cruise tours Corfu, the scythe-shaped island covered in cypress and olive trees but with a lovely downtown area sporting Venetian architecture. Also visit Aghios Nikolaos on the island of Crete to see why this area is quickly becoming a popular vacation destination. See Lae Voulismeni with a lagoon linking to the sea, and ask your tour guides about the legend of Athena and how she is said to have bathed and washed her hair in the lake.

Oceania Cruises Pearls of the Aegean Cruise

This 10-day cruise takes you through ports in Italy, Croatia, and Turkey, while also hitting the major players of the Greek islands. The first Greek island is Corfu, where you’ll be able to find items made of silver and olive wood and you’ll dine on fine mezes (Greek appetizers) and fresh fish caught by local fishermen.

Aghios Nikolaos in Crete is another destination on this cruise, offering chances to see the panorama of windmills across the Lasithi Plateau and tours of the Palace of Knossos: the ancient capital of King Minos, now a tip Crete archaeological site.

This cruise also takes you through the Santorini hilltop towns of Oia and Fira, as well as Mykonos, with its narrow winding streets, the monastery, and archaeological museum.

A unique port on this cruise is the island of Delos, an uninhabited island full of remnants of ancient temples, including the legendary birthplace of Greek gods Apollo and Artemis, guarded by marble lions.

Oceania Cruises Greek Glory Cruise

As the name suggests, this one hits a lot of the Greek hotspots and main Greek islands, including Mykonos and Corfu, as well as Istanbul, Athens, Croatia, and Venice.

A special stop on this cruise includes Argostoli, the capital of the island Cephalonia. You might get a chance to view a loggerhead turtle swimming by, and you’ll definitely set sights upon the stone obelisk of the Drapano Bridge, as well as the Lighthouse of St. Theodore.

Set Sail Upon a Greek Islands Cruise

If you’d like more information about any of these or other cruises to take you through the islands of the ancients, click here to request a contact from an experienced cruise travel advisor. Let your travel advisor know your preferences, including how long you’d like your trip to be and which Greek islands you’d most like to visit, and your advisor will customize an itinerary just for you.

Happy sailing!


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